Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Welcome To My World...

I was racking my brains trying to come up with all sorts of creative and clever ways to describe who I am, and then I realized that this picture just about sums me up: my world-weary pug in one of my many, many (MUCH too many) knitted projects. The rest are just boring details, but here they are in brief:

AGE: 31
HOMETOWN: Iowa, Georgia, & Singapore
MARITAL STATUS: Two months till the Big Day
Children: None
Visits to the Container Store and/or Borders in the past week: Five

Just to be completely up front with you, this blog will include none of the following things commonly found in blogs: juicy gossip about co-workers and friends; personal grievances (unless they're with Oliver or knitting); axes to grind (again, unless they're with the pug or knitting); bones to pick (ditto); and deep thoughts on life, love, sex, and politics. What you can expect to find in this blog are the following: progress reports on my knitting projects; updates on the goings-on within my office knitting group, lighthearted (and possibly boring) commentary on knitting and pugs; and occasional snippets of my pre-wedding madness. Oh, and lots and lots and LOTS of pictures of Oliver.

So let's go ahead and launch right into the lighthearted commentary on knitting.

Like many knitters, I have a tendency to begin several (dozen) projects before I've completed previous ones. I think I actually may be worse than most. Yes, I could quite possibly be the Imelda Marcos of knitting. No, no, no - I don't mean that I have diamond-studded yarn hanging around my house. I mean that my life overfloweth with knitting projects in various stages of completion. Here's a sampling of what's currently in the works...

Here's a gold shrug (Knit with Patons? Cascade? I forget). Start date: Late November, '06

Bunny baby hat (Rowan Wool Cotton). Start date: Late December, '06

Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole (Noro Silk Garden). Start date: Tonight? Tomorrow night? Next year?

That's right, Pug: BOW TO THE YARN!

And to prove that I am capable of seeing a project from start to finish, witness...

...the devil baby hat...

... the cashmere kimono that turned out to be big enough only for an embryo...

...and the Pug in all his basket weave glory.


Jen said...

Oliver looks like he misses the hedgehog.

lissomelily said...

He probably also misses his dignity.