Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Pug of Questionable Morals

I thought I did a good job raising my pug. I thought I raised him to be respectful and loving. I thought I raised him to, above all, respect himself. Obviously I was wrong.

It's a heartbreaking moment for a mother to learn that her baby is growing up.
In less hearbreaking news, I was, indeed, successful in completing my dino baby hat in time for the baby shower last Saturday.

I also finally finished that darned blue bunny hat that had been kicking around in my knitting bag for the past month.

On Sunday, my good friend Elias came over. Not only is Elias a guitarist extraordinaire who is playing for my wedding ceremony, he is a veritable math and science genius. Anyway, I asked him to troubleshoot my knitting equation. He took one look at it and informed me that I have some "inconsistencies in my units of measure." Whatever, Elias. Whatever. You didn't get your masters in physics until you were 21! What do you know, huh?? Well, so far the equation is still right on the money. According to it, I was supposed to have knitted for a total of 15.2 hours in the past week, and you know what? That sounds about right. HA!

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