Friday, February 2, 2007

X/[Days to Wedding] = [Hours Spent Knitting]

Days to the Big Day: 51
Visits to the Container Store and/or Borders in the past week: 4
Cumulative hours spent knitting in the past week: about 14

I have a theory that as the amont of time before the wedding diminishes, my time spent knitting will increase inversely. Maybe it's because knitting relaxes me. Or maybe it's because I enjoy sticking my head in the sand (or in the yarn, as it were). Either way, I have noticed that I have been spending more and more time knitting in the recent months and weeks. To quantify my theory, I employed some extremely advanced math skills: 9th grade algebra.

X/[# days to the wedding] = # of hours spent knitting


X/51 = 14
X = (14)(51)
X = 714

So 714 is my magic number. By this equation, I will knit a total of 16.23 hours next week. That's totally feasible! I'm a genius! Oh, wait... The week before the wedding I will knit 102 hours. HA! That means that either I will be one very, very relaxed bride (with no job and no need for sleep apparently), or my equation needs tweaking. Or maybe this equation is actually for the number of handfuls of hair I'll lose leading up the wedding. Alas. I can kiss that Nobel Prize in Knittology goodbye.

Part of the reason I racked up so many hours knitting this week is because I met with fellow Friday Knitting Group knitters every day at lunchtime. And here we have the perfect segueway into my next topic.

We had a fantastic turnout at our knitting group. It seems that every week we get new people, which is great. The more the merrier, I say! Check out how happy everyone is to be knitting!

Clockwise from top left: Johyne (more addicted to knitting than I am) and Helen (our erstwhile knitter); Annie (the Knitter-Never-Giver-Upper), Jocelyn, and Andrea (brand spankin' new to the world of knitting); Heidi (holding my neglected Lady E project); Yvonne and Lisa (my regular Stitch 'n' Bitch buddies).

As I mentioned above, my Lady E project has been somewhat neglected, but with good reason: I'm trying to churn out yet another dino baby hat for my fiance's friend's wife's baby shower. I started the damn thing on Monday night, but then got distracted while trying to knit, talk, and breathe all at the same time on Tuesday, mistakenly M1 a few times too many, and had to start over. Argh!

As you can (kind of) see, it's almost done. I just have a few more dino spikes to pick up and knit, plus the two I-cord ties. You think I can finish it by tonight? Tune in later and see!

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