Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Attack of the 1-Foot Pug!!

The time: Last night. The setting: Our living room. The scene: Sheldon #4/Marge #2 had reached tadpole stage, and I was happily knitting her shell. Husband was sitting next me. Pug was lazing about on one of his many beds. The tadpole was on the coffee table. All was well.

Suddenly.... CHAOS!!! Husband was using the Marge tadpole to bonk Pug on the head, and the furious Pug was trying to get the tadpole away from him. After a brief struggle, Pug triumphed, and Marge was in his puggy clutches. What the hell is wrong with my husband?! I immediately pried apart Pug's jaws and extricated Marge. I then grabbed my husband by the scruff of his neck, shoved his face in the now-soggy Marge, and sharply rebuked, "NO!"

If this tactic works, I'll have to try it when he leaves his dirty socks on the bathroom floor.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Creature of Habit" or "Just Plain Boring"?

(As you can see, some people like to use a creature to form a habit.)

I purchased my first "grown up" wallet in 2003: a marvel of buttery red leather with a dozen card slots, pockets for receipts, a spot for my checkbook and pen, a removable ID holder, and - crucial to any Asian - a place for photographs. Since then, the wallet has gotten pretty banged up, and last year I decided it was time for a replacement. The problem was I couldn't find anything that lived up to my stringent requirements, all of which my old wallet met. I tried to find my old wallet in a store, but, much to my chagrin, the particular style had been discontinued. So I went online, found a vendor which carried it, and purchased it. The. Exact. Same. Wallet. I didn't even buy the version in black. When the wallet arrived, I showed it to my buddy Dona. She gave me an incredulous look with one eyebrow cocked and said, "But it's the same wallet." I showed fellow knitter Nancy, who gave me the same look. "It's the same wallet." I showed it to my hubby, who rolled his eyes. "You're silly." I protested, "I'm a creature of habit! What's wrong with sticking to what you know, when what you know is what works?"

This afternoon, I went shopping for earrings with my pal Yvonne. She pointed to a cart of cute jewelry, to which I demurred, "No, no. I buy the same silver $14 hoops from Banana Republic. I'm on my fifth or sixth pair." There was That Look again. In the checkout line at BR, the cashier told me my total with tax was $19.49. Yvonne immediately crowed, "Hey, they're not $14 anymore!" I swear I detected a hint of glee in her voice.

So am I a creature of habit, or am I just plain boring? When I got home last night, I did some research. This is what my favorite jewelry looks like:

Hmmm. I suppose there IS somewhat of a theme. Let's take a look at the shoes and see what's up there.

Alright, slightly more alarming. Next, I peered inside my coat closet and found this:

I admit, it is a bit odd that I own multiple versions of what is essentially the same military-style jacket. Again, I suppose I'm just a creature of habit, and my habit happens to be olive green. Finally, I checked out my dresser drawers, and I nearly fainted.

I discovered that 95% of my tops were either black, white, or grey. What's more, about half of those were identical B & W versions of one other. For example, I would buy one black camisole in white, and then go back and buy the identical item in black. My first drawer alone held four sets.

I'm realizing that perhaps I'm becoming just plain boring. But isn't that what happens to married people?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Pug's at Large after he Takes Charge and Barges in on Marge

(Sorry... I got a little carried away with the whole rhyming thing.)

I just completed Turtle #3, and her name is Marge. Since she's a turtle-ette for a little girl (Tracy Jr., due to Best Man Wes and wife Tracy), I thought it would be appropriate to give her a turtle-ette-y name. So Marge it was.
Oliver developed a turtle fetish and tried to stalk Marge. I guess love is blind!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Best Pug

Guess what? I got married! And what do I remember most fondly about my wedding day? The kiss? The dress? The tears? The joy? The groom? Yeah, yeah, yeah, all that was great, but THE PUG, man - the pug just stole the damn show (and about 200 hearts).

I actually learned something new about Oliver on this day: He likes to eat rose petals. Yup. To the list of strange things he finds tasty (which currently includes chewing gum and foil wrappers, lettuce, CD jewel cases, staples, cigarette filters, and Listerine Breath Strips), I shall add rose petals. Here, you can see the range of emotions that flit across his face as he's caught in the act and then rebuked.

I was having some trouble getting my point across through all that white taffeta.

But in the end, the little Pug pulled it together and walked flawlessly down the aisle with no further incident!