Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Attack of the 1-Foot Pug!!

The time: Last night. The setting: Our living room. The scene: Sheldon #4/Marge #2 had reached tadpole stage, and I was happily knitting her shell. Husband was sitting next me. Pug was lazing about on one of his many beds. The tadpole was on the coffee table. All was well.

Suddenly.... CHAOS!!! Husband was using the Marge tadpole to bonk Pug on the head, and the furious Pug was trying to get the tadpole away from him. After a brief struggle, Pug triumphed, and Marge was in his puggy clutches. What the hell is wrong with my husband?! I immediately pried apart Pug's jaws and extricated Marge. I then grabbed my husband by the scruff of his neck, shoved his face in the now-soggy Marge, and sharply rebuked, "NO!"

If this tactic works, I'll have to try it when he leaves his dirty socks on the bathroom floor.

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