Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Best Pug

Guess what? I got married! And what do I remember most fondly about my wedding day? The kiss? The dress? The tears? The joy? The groom? Yeah, yeah, yeah, all that was great, but THE PUG, man - the pug just stole the damn show (and about 200 hearts).

I actually learned something new about Oliver on this day: He likes to eat rose petals. Yup. To the list of strange things he finds tasty (which currently includes chewing gum and foil wrappers, lettuce, CD jewel cases, staples, cigarette filters, and Listerine Breath Strips), I shall add rose petals. Here, you can see the range of emotions that flit across his face as he's caught in the act and then rebuked.

I was having some trouble getting my point across through all that white taffeta.

But in the end, the little Pug pulled it together and walked flawlessly down the aisle with no further incident!

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