Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Filet Pugnon, Medium Rare?

Lisa, demonstrating her helpfulness to Dina and Leonor.

Now that our home is on the market, we've been faced with the problem of what to do with El Puggo when our real estate agent wants to conduct an all-important open house. Thankfully, the lovely and helpful Ms. Lisa agreed to watch him for us if need be. When I excitedly told the Hubby that I'd found Oliver a sitter, instead of jumping for joy, he gave me a very serious, very grave look, and started asking questions. Lisa, eh? Does she have a dog? Has she ever owned a pet? Is her home pug-proof? See, Vince's knowledge of Lisa extends to only a few things... She's a knitter. She's my friend. And - most profoundly puzzling to Vince's steak-loving mind - she's a vegan. After a few more moments of pondering her abilities to care for his precious pug, he finally said, "Well, at least she won't eat him."

In other exciting news, Sheldon #5 is done, and ready to be shipped off to Italy to join my friends Pierluigi, Roberta, and their soon-to-be little 'un. Below, you can see that even though Lisa won't eat Oliver, Sheldon #5 wants to eat her vegan lunch.

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