Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Lettin' It All Hang Out, Turtle-Style

I've decided that I'm a knittin' ho whose tricks are for sale; I've put Marge up for adoption on Etsy. Apparently, Marge is a ho, too. Above, you can see her takin' it aaaaalll off for online viewers. What's wrong with my children? Anyway, it's come down to this: If I'm going to keep knitting these turtles, pretty soon, our home will be overrun with them, and the hubby don't like that. Below, you can see that Marge has already started nosing around in his business and is examining his recent traffic ticket.

Here, you can see that Lisa's turtle is quickly coming to turtle fruition. Marge offers him some encouragement: "You can do it! You'll get there!"

Lisa's only got her i-cord edging to go, and she's all done. Next time you check this blog, there should be a picture of her completed turtle to show off. No pressure, Lisa. NO PRESSURE!

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