Sunday, June 10, 2007

Celebrating KIP with Fart Art

When my grand plans to stage a Knitting in Public Day gathering fell through, I realized I would have to make do and KIP in whatever P place I was in. On the day of, we went to the Getty Museum to check out Tim Hawkinson's Zoopsia exhibit, so while there, I busted out my needles and did a little K-ing in P on one of the museum's cush benches. I have to admit that this is the most pathetic display of KIP ever captured on film. I look so forlorn and my lone witness was a very distracted hubby. His distraction? Tim Hawkinson's gargantuan Uberorgan, an installation in the Getty rotunda.
What in the Sam Hill is an Uberorgan?? As the Getty's website explains, Uberorgan is "a massive construction of balloons and horns," which, once an hour, on the hour, plays a musical score consisting of a "250-foot-long scroll" of "black dots and dashes." So basically, it's a giant organ-bagpipe thing. And you know what? That's exactly what it sounded like. When the scroll started rolling at exactly 2:00 pm, the Getty rotunda was filled with a sound that could only be described as a beached whale with a flatulence problem. I think the reaction shot I got of Vince sums it up better than words ever could.

So I suppose it was a sad day for both the world of knitting and the world of contemporary art. It was unfortunate for knitting that the only witness to my KIP devotion was my hubby. And it was unfortunate for art that he didn't quite appreciate Uberorgan. As we walked away, he pronounced, "That was a fart, not art."

In less unfortunate news, I was finally able to capture on film the visage of the elusive Godfather of Knitting, AKA the Loch Knit Monster, AKA Jenny. Below, you can see her in the flesh, knitting away with Lisa. And to the right, witness the delight on Annie's face as she teaches newcomer Jessica the ropes - or the yarn, as it were.

On the turtle front, Sheldon #6 has reached tadpole stage. Here, he does a little shell-swapping with Sheldon's #4 and #5. Then after getting naked, all three Sheldons stop to ogle the emerging turtle butt of Yvonne's Sheldon. Those dirty, dirty Sheldons!

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