Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chickaspamwich, Anyone?

These past few weeks, I've noticed something puzzling - the hubby has been cooking and cleaning more than ever. Perhaps it's pride in the new home, or maybe it's an aversion to my cooking, but this latest development has me baffled. What's especially baffling is how his new homemaking skills manifest themselves. As Paula says to every hapless contestant on American Idol, he takes a given task and makes it his own. Above, you can see that he's elevated the of the humble sandwich to something... something... extraordinary. And below, witness how he's tricked his nephew Ryan into believing that vacuuming our floors is more exciting that going outside and playing.

I suppose I should be grateful. After all, what woman wouldn't love coming home to clean floors and a freshly cooked, uh... meal? It's just interesting how the floors get cleaned and how the meal gets prepared when a man is left to his own devices. I wonder (and worry) how he'd creatively execute other household duties. Such as doing laundry. Or bathing the pug. Or a baby.

Now I'm worried.

Monday, July 16, 2007


On Sunday, I took advantage of the beautiful weather and lovely parks in our new neighborhood by having a knitting date with Lisa. Of course, Oliver was invited along for company and inspiration. No sooner had we settled onto our quilt beneath a shade tree than we were attacked by pugs! One moment the air was still but for the sound of needles clicking together. The next moment came the deafening roar of multiple pugs approaching. My belief is that the hot, tired creatures spotted Oliver and figured we'd give two more weary pugs refuge. As you can see from the pictures below, Chino and Sweetness made themselves right at home on our quilt and on top of our knitting. Oliver made himself right at home trying to get fresh with Chino. I have to admit that the pugophile in me was warmed by the sight of Chino munching contentedly on Lisa's yarn. It seems that almost any trespass is forgiveable when committed by a pug. In any case, I almost reached nirvana on Sunday - knitting, friends, and a flock of squirming, happy pugs. It doesn't get much better than that!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

There Goes the Neighborhood

After months of hoping, waiting, planning, and bated-breath-ing, we finally closed escrow on Oliver's new place! First thing Saturday morning, the Asian Mafia (above) showed up to help us move all of our worldly possessions to our new home in the lovely little enclave of Playa Vista. Mad, MAD props to Vince's Dad, James, Mike, George, and Matt (not pictured) for your help!

More pictures to come after we clean up the hurricane in our place! For now, here are some images from our move.
Clockwise from top left: The impatient Pug shoves his way into his new home; Father and Son Chan in full moving mode; Vince slips a disc hoisting his wife over the threshold; George invites a neighborhood dog to the Gun Show.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Faces of Pug

Exhibit A

Every dog lover maintains that the canine face is capable of portraying emotion, and indeed, that ability is one of the reasons people love dogs. I, however, believe that a pug's face is capable of portraying a higher degree of emotion. To qualify this rather lofty claim, I submit to you Exhibit A: Faces of Pug. Perhaps it would be a test of your own humanity to see how many of the above emotions you can correctly identify. See below for the answer key. (Helpful Hint: To view the image and the answer key simultaneously, right click on the image and select "Open Link in New Window.")

If this isn't proof that pugs are just smaller, stubbier humans, well then I just don't know what is.
A. Surprised
B. Lascivious
C. Aloof
D. Despondent
E. Exhausted
F. Hungover
G. Disdainful/Grossed Out
H. Coquettish
I. Remorseful
J. Carefree
K. Peaceful
L. Hopeful
M. Suspicious
N. Bashful
O. Hungry