Sunday, July 8, 2007

There Goes the Neighborhood

After months of hoping, waiting, planning, and bated-breath-ing, we finally closed escrow on Oliver's new place! First thing Saturday morning, the Asian Mafia (above) showed up to help us move all of our worldly possessions to our new home in the lovely little enclave of Playa Vista. Mad, MAD props to Vince's Dad, James, Mike, George, and Matt (not pictured) for your help!

More pictures to come after we clean up the hurricane in our place! For now, here are some images from our move.
Clockwise from top left: The impatient Pug shoves his way into his new home; Father and Son Chan in full moving mode; Vince slips a disc hoisting his wife over the threshold; George invites a neighborhood dog to the Gun Show.

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