Sunday, August 5, 2007

Baby Blanket Bingo (& Un Vrai Homme Fait de Tricoter Part Deux)

Team Baby Blanket! Top row, L to R: Lisa, Melinda, Johyne, Pinella, Yvonne, Jenny, Cynthia, and Nancy. Bottom row, L to R: Andrea, Jocelyn, me, Bernadette, Sara, and Heidi.
As soon our dear friend and coworker Bernadette announced her pregnancy, Yvonne and Lisa birthed (get it? get it?) an idea to create a baby blanket knit by the members of the Friday Knitting Group. The plan called for each of us to knit a square (or two) of a standard size, weight, and gauge. In the end, the squares were pieced together, a quilted cotton backing and satin bows were added, and the gift was presented to Bernadette at her company baby shower. A lovely lady like Bernadette deserves an equally lovely baby blanket for her little girl, and I think the finished product turned out just... well, lovely!

A schmajillion kudos go out to Yvonne and Lisa, master architects of the plan!

In the midst of all the gushing and cooing over our baby blanket, one man excused himself from the frey to begin a project of his own. Below, witness the company's Chief Operating Officer John quietly knitting in the corner. Perhaps seeing our beautiful blanket inspired him to get in touch with his creative and - dare I say - feminine side. Everyone there was duly impressed that our COO knew how to knit, but ever the skeptical one, I said to him, "So you know how to knit, but do you know how to purl??" His reply? "Don't push it."

Perhaps I'll revisit the topic with him after the next round of bonuses.

NOTE: John has now joined the illustrious ranks of other men who have fearlessly knit in public (or at least in front of colleagues). Un vrai homme fait de tricoter!

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