Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pugs of the Sea

As we departed that wretched land known as The First Trimester, our thoughts turned to the gender of the baby. Vince was unable to attend my ultrasound this week, so we agreed to have the OB write the baby's sex on a card if it was discernable, seal the card in an envelope, and wait until the evening to open the card together. As it turned out, my OB saw the sex clear as day, and I left the office with a sealed envelope burning a hole in my handbag. After spending the next six hours, 42 minutes, and 22 seconds in sheer agony, Vince and I eagerly ripped open the envelope. The verdict? A boy! Boy, oh, boy! I confessed that I thought I had seen a penis on the ultrasound at the OB's office, but I didn't give it much credence, because at one point I mistook a lung for an arm. Though we would have been jubiliant with a son or a daughter, Vince was relieved to have escaped life with two Lilys, and I was looking forward to having two Vinces to boss around. Everyone wins! Actually, not everyone won. Oliver seemed less than enthused at the prospect of sharing his kingdom with a potential male usurper. I'm confident that once he realizes the new addition will be a messy creature who throws table scraps on the ground, he'll get over it.

L to R: Ed, Hana, and Grace Chan in Modesto; Wes Sen, Tracy Lam-Sen, Katelyn Sen, me, and Vince in Sacramento; Vince, me, and Joyce and Mark Yim in Berkeley. Unfortunately, we didn't get to snap a pic of Uncle Henry and Aunt Susie Chan in Oakland.
In other news, Vince and I just returned from a mini-vacation to the Bay Area. The main purpose of the trip was to see friends and family, but we also saw the long weekend as a little "babymoon." Perhaps it's a contrivance of our spoiled generation, but a babymoon is a vacation a couple takes after they find out they're pregnant, but before the baby comes. It's sort of a last hurrah before you become mired in the inescapable black hole of parenthood. Just kidding.

I admit that I missed the Pug quite a bit. Perhaps that why I found myself strangely drawn to these sea lions we spotted lazing about at Pier 39. I swear they looked uncannily pug-like to me, and I kept referring to them as "pugs of the sea." Vince thought I was nuts, but take a look at the picture, and YOU decide. The resemblance is undeniable! Who's nuts now?


Tita said...

OOOOOOOHHHHHHMIIIIIIGGGGAAAAAWWWDDDDD!?!?!??!?! We're having a boy we're having a boy we're having a boy!?!?!? I couldn't be more thrilled! Yes - I would have been just as thrilled if you were having a little Lily - but I see your logic and I applaud it. Three boys, and their queen. Can't get any better than that! :) SOOOOOO excited for you two! Looking forward to more pictures. Can I be ambitious and assume there will be at least one with Auntie Deb and her new nephew!?!? Ha ha YAY!!!

Tita said...

Boy - Oliver seems overjoyed with the news. He needs to tone it down a notch. Ha ha. Poor thing. Hopefully the couvade symptoms will kick in, and he can start experiencing your bliss too! :)

E said...

What a beautiful family! Congratulations!
Thank you for posting this and your friends in the Bay area. I am an old classmate of one of your friends and we've lost contact some time ago. I'm just wondering if you can forward my contact information to her. Thank you very much in advance. I just wanted to keep in touch.