Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Happy Halloween, everyone! I may be too old to go trolling for treats in the trampy Halloween get-ups that seem de rigeur for women in this city, but that doesn't mean I can't utterly humiliate my baby with a costume of his own. Man, I just can't wait until next year when I'll have TWO of them to dress up! Maybe I can save a few bucks and squeeze the human baby into one of Oliver's old costumes. Whaddya think?

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Tita said...

Ollybear's got crabs!! Ollybear's got crabs!! :) Tee hee. Or maybe he's just crabby. Yeah that's about right. I would be too if I was humiliated like this. hee hee. Okay - this outfit takes the cake. I'm severely disappointed that the pictures of Olly with Princess Leia (sp?) buns, and Olly in a tux didn't make the cut. Oh well - maybe for another blog entry? Perhaps about cross-dressing?