Monday, January 14, 2008

Baby Overload

The past few days have been consumed with all things baby - learning about the baby, prepping for the baby, thinking about the baby. On Saturday at the Pump Station's Baby Care Class we learned that babies are able to not only projectile vomit, but also projectile poop. Will wonders never cease? On a slightly less revolting note, we also learned the proper way to swaddle a baby. As you can see, Vince was a little too eager to put his new swaddling skills to use.

Sunday was my baby shower, organized by my dear friends Yvonne and Jen. The shower was held at our humble abode with a few close women friends and family. Everything was just wonderful - the flowers, the favors, the company, and the paninis. We received some really amazing and thoughtful gifts, including a few lovingly hand-crafted items. Lisa knit an adorable little blue elephant, and Leslie "baked" a very impressive cake made of diapers - 216 of them! I just had to sneak in a picture of Yvonne and Jen with the teddy bears I knit for them as a small token of appreciation. After the baby comes, who knows when I'll have time flaunt my knitting again?

The two men in my life flitted in and out of the party, each shell-shocked by different things. Vince seemed flustered by all of the ooo-ing, aaah-ing, and estrogen. Oliver seemed dismayed by the fact that the big to-do was over an unborn fetus and not him. He spent most of the day alternating between states of anxiety and panic. After the guests left, the poor exhausted pug collapsed on the nearest lap.

To cap off the baby madness, I went for a routine check-up with my OB. To my shock, I had somehow lost a pound since my last visit. When I relayed this intriguing bit of information to the hubby, he asked, "Did the baby steal it from you?" I hadn't really thought about it like that, but I guess in a way, he did, because by my OB's estimate, he's at about 5 pounds now. And I guess that makes him some sort of parasite, but that's ok by me. Of all the things this baby's taken from me so far - my energy, my waistline, my sunny disposition - I'm not going to argue with him if he wants to steal a few pounds, too!

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