Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It's Day Four of maternity leave, and the nesting urge has reached fever pitch. I've spent five hours each day re-organizing closets, re-folding baby clothes, and re-arranging nursery furniture. I say "re-" because I already did the organizing, folding, and arranging at least three times before. Oddly enough, even though the little dude in my belly is getting heavier and heavier, I have a seemingly endless amount of energy for performing all my nesting tasks. I'm like a woman possessed. A swollen woman waddling around on cankles.

As I've been busy feathering my nest, Oliver has been getting ready for the baby in his own way. Above, you can see him courting danger by getting up close and personal with the infant swing and practicing his best "neglected pug" pout in front of the Pack 'n' Play.

And because word on the street is that the baby could be here any day now, here's another bump pic for you (accompanied by shots of the hubby bonding with his firstborn).

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