Monday, April 28, 2008

The Backseat Pug 4

At about five weeks of age, Benjamin flashed me his first social smile. I remember the moment clearly. I had been up all night, and I was blearily trying to wrestle him out of his barf-covered onesie. Just as I was about to cry from frustration and exhaustion, Benjamin looked up at me, uttered a little "Ga," and flashed me a toothless, gummy smile. My heart absolutely melted.

Since then, the camera has practically been glued to my hand. I mean, the pics at the top of this post were taken at about six a.m. yesterday as I was changing a diaper. I don't even think I'd put on my own pants yet.

Benjamin had plenty to smile about, as it was a week of happy meetings in the Chan household. Last Thursday, my mom returned to LA after a month away. When she walked in the front door, she barely paused to nod hello to me before swooping up her precious grandbaby in a hail of kisses. A few days later, my dad flew in from China to meet Benjamin for the first time. Grandfather and grandson bonded immediately, not least because they had the same hair.

Where's Waldo? A quick flip through my pictures reveal a disturbing trend of favoritism for the new child in the house.

Unfortunately, not everyone shared in the joy. Oliver, usually the focus of family reunions (or at the least the recipient of ample hugs and ear-scratches), quietly watched from the sidelines. Vince did try to involve him in the festivities, but not in a way that he appreciated. To be fair, I don't think that pugs were ever meant to be ridden.

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