Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Benjamin's Blanket of Many Colors

Last week over lunch, my buds Lisa and Yvonne presented me with a most unexpected and delightful surprise: a beautiful baby blanket knit by members of the Friday Knitting Group. All I could do as I unwrapped the gift was intone over and over again, "Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God..." Valley Girl-esque reaction notwithstanding, this blanket was one of the sweetest gifts Benjamin received and will be one of the most treasured. Thank you, ladies!*

The blanket came in handy a few days later when, unfortunately, Benjamin had to check into the hospital for his second transfusion. The blanket was momentarily stripped away as Benjamin flashed the pediatrician Dr. Lloyd his baby goods and then tried to charm her with a cheeky smile. You naughty baby, you! You'll be happy to hear that Benjamin came through the transfusion with flying colors and managed to win the hearts of every nurse on the pediatric floor in the process.

*And by ladies, I mean Jocelyn, Cynthia, Nancy, Bernadette, Pinella, Jenny, Heidi, Johyne, Melinda, Lisa, and Yvonne!

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