Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"They Don't Come With A Mute Button, Do They?"

...said my husband. That's gotta be the quote of the day.

To be fair, Benjamin has had a trying week, and it's only Wednesday. Yesterday, he had his blood drawn, which is never fun. Then today, he had his two-month checkup, which included vaccinations - five separate shots in his arms and thighs and one shot of liquid down his screaming, bawling gullet. At least the nurse was nice enough to plaster his boo-boos with racecar-themed bandages. Don't let that coy smile in the above picture fool you, though. Not one hour after I snapped that photo did Benjamin have a meltdown to end all meltdowns. I was at the mall attempting to eat lunch with friends when he suddenly remembered the morning's indignities and decided to get back at me. First he vomited all over himself and his blanket, and then he howled so loud that every head within a fifty foot radius whipped around to see what monster was beating her child.

On a happier note, Benjamin and I had a smashing time at Gymboree yesterday. Unfortunately, he decided to take nap as class was starting. Just as I was berating myself for wasting my husband's money, Benjamin smacked his lips, opened his eyes, and joined in the fun. There he is eyeing a beach ball and then giving Gymbo the Clown his best staredown.

I have to admit that the best part of Gymboree isn't what Benjamin gets out of it, though it is exciting to watch him respond to more and more during each class. The best part of Gymboree is the fact that I get a chance to meet other REAL, LIVE MOMS who are learning how to do this crazy Mommy thing, too! One such mom is Catherine, shown above with darling Lucy. Catherine and I bonded over our babies' love of infant massage and our mutual fear of mommy cliques at the park. Perhaps one day we'll bond over a toast at Benjamin and Lucy's wedding. Oh, wait... I may be getting a bit ahead of myself here. Let's wait for Benjamin to discover his own feet before hoping he discovers his love for Lucy!


matt Kaplan said...

If they get married, we'll have such a cute story to tell, plus this way I know Lucy will like her mother-in-law!

Tita said...

... and so the matchmaking begins... :)

bijoudiva said...

Watch out, Lucy - he hasn't met Molly yet. She's a real cougar! :) V