Monday, May 19, 2008

Courvoisier, Anyone?

We discovered this weekend that Benjamin has a thing for the ladies. Vince's cousin Ed, his wife Grace, and their kids Hana and Jet were in town, so they dropped by to visit. As you can see from the images above, Benjamin was perfectly happy to pose for pictures next to Hana. The smile doesn't even leave his face when he loses balance and starts tipping over. But it's a different story when we try to get him to take a picture with Hana's brother Jet. Man, it was like pulling teeth. Or it would have been if he'd had any teeth to pull.

Even newlywed Lisa wasn't safe from Benjamin's advances. Look at him shamelessly flash his flirty eyes and then resort to stripping off his clothes to win her affections. It's a good thing Lisa's husband doesn't know what a little lothario my son is, because otherwise she wouldn't be allowed to visit us anymore.

Lest Benjamin grow up to rely on his brawn and not his brains, I purchased an educational book for him at the neighborhood library book fair. The book was appropriately entitled "Dinosaur Ben." I'm referring to the "Ben" part, of course, and not the "Dinosaur." Anyhow, Benjamin's reaction to the book was startlingly similar to his reaction to baby Jet. Could it be that he didn't inherit my love of books? Banish the thought! I think the solution is to invite one of his pretty aunties over to read to him. Maybe if he can keep his clothes on long enough, he'll learn something!


Tita said...

Book shopping at 99% off was the happiest day of my life. So happy - that I don't even CARE I look pregnant in this picture! :) No folks - I am NOT pregnant. Though, moments with my little Dinasaur B - I wish I was!!!

Laura said...

My boss' baby Isabella also loves the ladies, and will scream her wee head off if a strange man gets within five feet of her. I think they can just feel the friendly uterus vibes.