Thursday, May 8, 2008

Look Ma, No Hands!

I want to once again extol the virtues of the humble baby wrap, previously lauded on my list of Top 5 Postpartum Lifesavers. With Benjamin tucked snugly in my wrap, I'm able to perform a variety of exciting tasks such as doing laundry, checking emails, mopping the floor, browsing the stacks at my local library, and using the ladies' room. I recently started nursing Benjamin while he's in the wrap, thus freeing up another eight hours of each day! Feeding myself, however, has proven to be a trickier endeavor. A few days ago, after Benjamin spent an afternoon hanging out in my wrap, I noticed a disgusting curd-like growth in the folds beneath his chubby chin. Upon closer inspection, I discovered the curds weren't curds at all; rather, they were the remnants of that day's lunch of chicken fried rice.

Something else the wrap allows me to do is to knit, which I had not done since giving birth. After a nearly 11-week-long hiatus, I finally picked up the needles this week and resumed working on my entrelac blanket. Man, it felt goooooood. It felt like I was being reunited with a long-lost friend. A long-lost friend whose other friends had moved on to better things and left her in the dust. You see, shortly before Benjamin was born, I'd taught my mother how to knit entrelac. My mom, whose knitting skills may be trumped by only God Himself, promptly knit up a quick test piece.

That's her little "test piece" above, on the right. She has since begun working on a second entrelac blanket. That's it on the left, looking like it's going to annex my blanket. Does this woman have fast fingers or what? I'm convinced that she derives superpowers from her shiny purple stirrup pants, though. They're like her magic cape. Or her equivalent to Superman's red tights. If I can find a pair of my own, then maybe I'll have the flying fingers, too!

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