Friday, May 23, 2008

Male Bonding

It's no secret that Oliver has been less than thrilled by Benjamin's arrival in his kingdom. On top of the fact that he's been robbed of our time and attention, his physical space is also diminishing. He used to count the entire main floor as his puggy domain, but now he has to share it with a myriad of baby-related items - a pack-n-play, activity mat, infant swing, various baby carriers, and - worst of all - a big green exercise ball.

You're probably wondering what an exercise ball has to do with babies (other than the fact that I should be using it to restore my postpartum tummy to it's pre-pregnancy shape), but let me tell you, it is a LIFESAVER when Benjamin is being fussy. At first whimper, I just pick him up, sit my tush on the ball, and start bouncing up and down. Voila! It tames the savage beast every time. Unfortunately, the ball has the exact opposite effect on Oliver. He is absolutely terrified of it and will go so far as to hide in another room away from food and water when it rolls near. Hopefully, he can make peace with the ball, so that he and Benjamin can continue working on their shaky relationship.

The relationship between father and son, on the other hand, is growing stronger every day. In Benjamin, Vince has found a male ally with whom to play video games, make a mess at mealtimes, and fall asleep without first brushing his teeth. It's a good thing they're both so cute, or else I'd be forced to put the smack down on their bad behavior. Also, it's not like Benjamin is picking up any truly heinous habits from his father, though I was somewhat bemused to happen upon the scene below...

All he needs is a beer in his hand to complete the tableau.

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