Thursday, May 29, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

My husband and his nephew slamming the cheese. Can you believe that his nephew is the one who snapped the shot one the left? Do we see a future in photography for this kid or what?

Boys will be boys, which I saw in proof at my nephew's fifth birthday party. The kids were playing a game called "Slam the Cheese." It entailed running towards a giant wedge-shaped gym mat and then knocking it flat by hurling one's body at it. After the kids had gone, the party coordinator asked if there were any parents who wanted to take a gander at the cheese. I, of course, volunteered my husband. I figured he would reluctantly oblige with a token cheese-slamming, but noooooo - He sprinted at that cheese, gaining such momentum that he was airborne before slamming into it with the force of ten linebackers. I swear the building shuddered when he landed. As he the dusted himself off, I could tell he was secretly satisfied by the thorough slamming the cheese had suffered at his hands.

My young son was also exhibiting some typically male behavior. I'd handed him to my sister-in-law's friend so I could inhale some pizza in peace. While I was eating, I glanced over and to my horror saw that Benjamin was also eating - or at least attempting to eat. He had turned his face towards my friend's chest and was having his way with her right breast. If that wasn't bad enough, he was leaving a telltale wet mark on her sweater. I was mortified. What kind of man was I raising? As the mortification subsided, the hurt set in. Why did he feel the need to turn to other women? Was he not getting what he needed from me? I soon realized, however, that his oral fixation was just that and nothing personal, for when no breast is readily available, he is content to suck on his fist.

Hopefully one day he'll outgrow the oral fixation. After all, who wants to see a grown man walking around sucking on his fist? I will, however, be more than happy to watch him conduct the occasional cheese-slamming with his father.

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