Monday, May 19, 2008

Tummy Time, AKA Torture Time

Ok, moms, level with me here... Do any of your babies actually enjoy tummy time? For the uninitiated, tummy time is a necessary evil pediatricians exhort parents to inflict on their little ones. It involves placing our babies on their tummies so that they can practice lifting their heads and strengthening their neck muscles. Until they get strong enough to keep their faces from smacking into the floor, however, tummy time is pretty much synonymous with "torture time." Benjamin enjoys it until his little neck gets tired and he finds himself face-down in a pool of his own saliva. I guess I wouldn't much enjoy being forced to do something I wasn't good at either. Especially if I could hear my mother smothering the sound of her giggles in the background.


Michal said...

Ha! it will get better I promise!
At least Benjamin's not the faceplant king!

But I'm with ya on the torture time thing... Liam hated it forever, but is finally getting better.

Tita said...

Clearly, Benjamin is nothing like his Auntie Deb (seeing as he is just so miserable looking at his own reflection, poor thing)... tee hee... Don't worry - I'll make sure he embraces vanity soon enough! :)