Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bizarre Love Rectangle

The Moms: Nicci and Gabriel; Tracy and Ava; Catherine and Lucy; Me and Benjamin; and Michal and Liam. The Dads: Michael and Ava; Matt and Lucy; Mateo and Gabriel; Vince and Benjamin; and Jeramie and Liam.
If there is one thing your typical man enjoys even more than a double date, it must be a pentuple date - with babies. What better way to spend a lazy Sunday than with a flock of chatty wives and a bunch of drooling, pooping babies? Being the loving women that we are, the Anti-Cult-of-Mommy dragged our spouses and babies out last weekend for a pentuple dates in the park. The sun was out, the breeze was cool, and the air was ripe... for love!! Yes, the Bizarre Love Triangle among Buff Benjamin, La-La-Lucy, and Gallant Gabriel raged on, but with a twist, for there was a new player in the mix: Lionhearted Liam.

It just happened that Lucy and Benjamin were the first lovebirds to arrive at the picnic. As Lucy was complimenting Benjamin on his choice of footwear, Gabriel arrived. He took one look at his rival suitor and said (through mom Nicci), "This little pre-date is SO not cool." He then proceeded to sit down and flash his bib, which brazenly proclaimed, "Chicks Dig Me."

Next, Ava and Liam arrived, and not a moment too soon. Perhaps the addition of uninvolved parties would diffuse the mounting tension. But, alas, it wasn't to be, for dark horse Liam decided to strike. Using his more developed upper body strength, he half-crawled his way over to Benjamin and staked his claim in the unfolding love drama. "No fair," cried out Benjamin. "You have two months on me! I can't even sit up to defend myself yet!" Mom Michal had to extricate Liam before things got ugly.

We all breathed a sigh of relief that the drama was over and decided to pose for the obligatory group pictures. It was at that moment that Liam made one last desperate play, a play so shocking that no saw it coming. I think he's taken this May-December romance thing to a whole new level:

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