Monday, June 16, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

Several weeks ago, a little birdie named Vince told me that an excellent Father's Day gift for my husband would be the video game Rock Band. I ordered it online, and a few days later, it arrived in all it's huge and cumbersome glory on my doorstep. Instead of wasting an entire roll of wrapping paper on it, I decided to take a picture of it and wrap that up instead. It would be a great way to save wrapping paper AND fake my husband out. Ha! As we loaded the presents into the car before heading to my inlaws' for Father's Day, Vince asked, "Is that it? Did we get everything?" I smugly replied, "Yup." Once at my inlaws' house, Vince's eyes glanced over his stack of small, neatly-wrapped packages and then started scanning the room. When he finally opened up the box with the picture in it, his eyes lit up, and he started hugging Benjamin while bouncing up and down excitedly. For a moment there, I felt like I had two kids!

When Vince fired up Rock Band for the first time, we got a nostalgic reminder of who the master of the house used to be. There on the screen, was Vince's Xbox Live Handle: Pug Warrior. Perhaps Benjamin's taken over his throne, but Oliver should be content to know that he will live forever in Xbox infamy.

As an additional Father's Day gift, I allowed Vince to pick an outfit for Benjamin. This is what he came up with:

In what universe do teal, grey, light green, and camoflauge match? I suppose that as long as Benjamin doesn't mind, I shouldn't!

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