Monday, July 28, 2008

My New Gig

I realized after I wrote the last post that I'd neglected to mention why I decided to quit my old job. As is often the case, I left because an incredible new job opportunity presented itself. This one involved working from home. Yup, this former art student - turned - dilettante rockstar - turned corporate rat has decided to be a full-time mommy. And you know what? It's awesome. I feel like I've found my true calling.

As with any job, there are aspects of this one that are more tedious than others, chief among them mopping floors, scrubbing toilets, and going through weeks of old mail. Strangely enough, I actually consider doing laundry, shopping for groceries, cleaning the house, and washing dishes to be fairly enjoyable. I'll say it again: I've found my true calling. Anyway, in the process of cleaning the house, I organized our main floor into a liveable space. Instead of mass chaos induced by a fungus-like growth of baby accoutrements, our living area is now divided into separate areas for Grownups and Baby. We did have to sacrifice our formal dining room to make a playroom for Benjamin, but let's face it - as new parents we weren't going to be doing any formal dining in the next decade anyway.

Another great perk of the new gig is that I have more free time to meet up with friends. Above are a few snaps taken from various outings with friends both big and small - a trip to my old office to see Yvonne, Kyong, and Nancy, a playdate with Lucy and Liam of Benjamin's Gymboree class, a morning playing beach volleyball with Uncle Mikey (notice Dad looking triumphant in the background), and a brunch date with my old college bud Camilla.

Of course, we've had more time to see family, too. We spent several days hanging out with various members of the Chan family who were visiting LA. Below are pics from a dinner at Vince's parents' place - Benjamin with second cousin Jet; cousin Tyler; Benjamin, Jet, cousin Ryan, and Jet's sister Hana; and Benjamin with his Grand-Aunt Viola. Benjamin was especially taken by Aunt Viola who is so good with kids I think she should have her own baby whispering TV show.
We did also get a chance to see much of my own family when we flew to Atlanta for my brother's wedding, but I'll tell you all about that in a separate post. Stay tuned!

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Catherine (aka Lucy's Mommy) said...

I think you excel at your new job(which has a much more demanding boss)! And you're coming over to organize my place when...?