Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sweeney Lil'

Emboldened by my success at trimming Benjamin's mohawk, I decided there was no reason I shouldn't be able to give my husband a haircut, too, and save us a few bucks to boot. So on Thursday night, I set up shop in our kitchen and eagerly waited for Vince to return from work. The look on his face when he walked in the door was priceless. I mean, what man doesn't dream of coming home to find his wife waiting for him with a gleaming pair of scissors in one hand, a big plastic tarp in the other, and an ear-to-ear grin on her face?

Before you start thinking I've gone completely mad, I'll have you know that I do have experience cutting hair. I cut my brother's hair for a brief while when we were growing up and would have continued to do so were it not for a little matter involving a slip of the scissors and some injured ear cartilage. This time, the only blood loss resulted from my accidentally snipping my own knuckles, but Vince escaped unscathed. Even so, the cheap bastard didn't even tip me! Let's see who gets hurt next time, buddy!!

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