Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Endless Summer

The days have been getting shorter and the temperature a little chillier (which for us spoiled Angelenos is anything below 70 degrees), so we've been busy trying to squeeze every last ounce of fun out of Benjamin's first summer.

Last weekend, we attended the last of the free summer concerts in our neighborhood park with our buds Deb and George. As Deb and I sang along to every song the band played (Come on... What normal person doesn't sing along to Earth, Wind, and Fire?), George and Vince did their best to pretend like they didn't know us.

Benjamin watched from the sidelines at an outing to play beach volleyball. I didn't want to make Vince look bad in front of his son, so I decided to sit the games out and join Benjamin in the jeering- I mean, cheering.

We kicked it with friends of the pint-sized variety, too. Last Thursday was a double-whammy: Benjamin hung out with neighbor Nolan in the morning and then met up with ladies Lucy and Presley in the afternoon.

Not wanting the Daddies to be left out of the summer fun, we got together for a family day in the park on a recent Sunday. In the pic above, we see Benjamin holding hands with Bella; neighbors Julie, Shawn, and Nolan; Lucas having fun with Henry; Kylie munching on a chip; Pilar and Elijah watching brother Henry run around; and Vince and Benjamin saying "hi" to Jennifer and baby Hailey. Our neighbors Holly, Rusty, and baby Isabelle were there, too, but they left before I got it together enough to pull my camera out.

As I write this post, two things occur to me: #1. It looks like Benjamin has only two shirts in his wardrobe, and #2. Benjamin seems to have a lot of lady friends. In regards to #1, let me say that Benjamin has far more than just two shirts. It's just that these two are his Daddy's current favorites, so he's trying to get as much mileage out of them as possible. And when you're doing laundry every single day, one of those shirts is always clean. In regards to #2... Well, what can I say? Benjamin is The Man!


Catherine (aka Lucy's Mommy) said...

Other lady friends? Fine, Benjamin as long as you know you're not the only boy in Lucy's life!!

Sierra said...

Ben's hat is very cute. I want one, only larger.