Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Warriors

Once you have a baby, your social scene changes. You may still get to do many of the same things you did in your pre-baby life, but you don't get to do them in the exact same way. For example, Labor Day weekend in years past has been spent hanging out at a pool or a BBQ and getting tipsy with our pals. We did spend this Labor Day weekend hanging out at a pool and barbequeing, but most of the drinks we had were nonalcholic, and many of our pals were still in diapers.

Benjamin got to take his first ever dip into a pool at one BBQ we attended over the weekend. It was hosted by Vince's college pals Jim and Heather, and their two kids, Mackenzie and Cole. Benjamin's initial reaction to the water could hardly be described as enthusiastic. Well, enthusiastically unenthusiastic, perhaps. But as long as he was clinging tightly to Mom or Dad, he seemed to be fine, and he mellowed out after a few minutes.

We hosted a last-minute BBQ of our own over the weekend. Of course, Vince used the get-together as an excuse to get his video-game ya-ya's out with our guy buddies. Instead of Grand Theft Auto, they busted out the more family-friendly Rockband. And once they got started, they didn't stop. I had to laugh while these guys were playing. I mean, is there any greater cliche than a bunch of Asian dudes playing video games for four hours straight?

I was especially tickled by the sight of my hubby getting into his virtual guitar solos. Look at the sheer concentration on his face! The funny thing is that I swear I've seen those same expressions during diaper changes!


Catherine (aka Lucy's Mommy) said...

That look on Benjamin's face? Priceless!

Debbie Kee said...

Sorry - I got a little distracted by the hot mama in the pool, I forgot to notice G's guns.