Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mama Mia!

After nearly seven months of what can only be described as New Parent Boot Camp, my commanding officer has finally thrown me a bone: he called me by my name.


The moment I heard him utter those syllables, I ran to him so fast that I left a vapor trail. I then proceeded to bounce up and down in front of him while shrieking with joy and clapping my hands. Benjamin seemed to enjoy my ecstatic theatrics quite a bit. Indeed, no sooner than I had left the area did he call "Mama" again, sending me rushing back to his side for a repeat performance. Next, he'll be saying, "Dance, Mama, dance!"

And just in case you don't speak Chinese, in the video I'm asking Benjamin if he knows who I am.


Charming Handle said...

Ohhhhhhhh my God. I... have no words. I can't... describe... this overwhelming emotion I feel... He said MAMA!! AHHH!!!!! Yay, Lily!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Catherine (aka Lucy's Mommy) said...

oh Benjamin, you are just so sweet! And adorable! So glad you captured it!!!!!

Debbie Kee said...

MAMA!?!?!? YAYAYYY!!! Next.... "AUNTIE Pops IS SUPER COOL!!" I'm sooooo proud of my Boo-hawk!!! He is WAAAAAY too smart for his own good!!! :) :) :) Man Rue! Man Rue!