Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Teaming Up On Mommy

Take a look at the above pictures. You may think you're looking at an adorable little pup and a cherubic infant. But do you want to know what you're REALLY looking at? A conniving old cur and a mischievious little imp. Yup, the inevitable has happened: my two boys have started to team up on me.

I'm actually kind of happy about this new development. Not too long ago, Oliver and Benjamin could hardly have been described as friends. Actually, Oliver did his best to ignore the fact of Benjamin's very existence. When he finally realized that Benjamin was here to stay, Oliver did his best to conceal his utter disdain. Well, not really.

As the months passed, Oliver grudgingly began to show some affection for his new sibling. Benjamin ingratiated himself to Oliver by scratching him in his hard-to-reach places.
In turn, Oliver allowed Benjamin to use him as a footstool while performing his bathroom duties.

I'm thrilled by the camaraderie they've found, but boys will be boys, and what boys love to do most is cause trouble. Last week, I was trying unsuccessfully to clean the kitchen, and I decided to occupy the boys with snacks - a bowl of dog food for Oliver and a teething biscuit for Benjamin. To my relief, calm descended over the room. The barking and whining had been replaced by sounds of contented chewing. Ahhhh, peace and quiet at last! Then I looked down, and to my dismay, this is what I saw:
The little devils had traded snacks! Oliver was polishing off Benjamin's teething biscuit, and Benjamin was about to shove a handful of dog food into his mouth. Needless to say, we survived the incident, and Oliver's food bowl is now banished to the kitchen counter whenever Benjamin's at large. I wonder what they'll try to swap next. Beds? Toys? Toilets? Actually, I wouldn't mind having Oliver relieve himself in the loo, but only if he learns to put the toilet seat back down when he's done!


Sierra said...

Those first two shots tell a complete story of sabotage on their part. Just wait til Ben outgrows his little furry friend...right now they're about the same size!

Catherine (aka Lucy's Mommy) said...

Poor Lily, totally outnumbered by boys! But you've got to admit, they're damn cute boys!