Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Beyond the Boo-rricade

In recent weeks, Benjamin has developed an unhealthy obsession with Oliver's food. I call it an "unhealthy" obsession, not only because dog food is a choking hazard for babies, but also because Benjamin truly has become a baby obsessed. Benjamin seems to sense the moment Oliver's food bowl has been filled. It's as though the kibble sends out a homing signal to him that he is to drop what's he's doing and crawl like mad towards the kitchen. As a result, I've had to fashion a barricade to keep Benjamin out of the kitchen when Oliver is dining.

Unfortunately, Benjamin has figured out how to get around the barricade, or "boo-rricade," as we've come to call it. It's actually quite impressive how quickly he's able to create a baby-sized opening in it to dart through.

Once inside the boo-rricade, Benjamin frantically attempts to cram as much kibble into his mouth as possible before mommy stops him. Shockingly enough, Oliver doesn't seem to mind a bit that a tiny intruder is pilfering his food. To be able to really appreciate just how much of a shock it is, take a look at this video of Vince trying to steal Oliver's bone:


This video was taken in Oliver's younger days, so perhaps the pug is getting soft in his old age. Either that, or he's just softening up to his little brother. Not that he'd ever admit it.


Charming Handle said...


Debbie Kee said...

See? Oliver IS a big softy after all! And that Boo is such a clever young man (and the cutest little intruder I've ever seen!). We may have to work on his very questionable taste in food though... :( Eck!

Catherine (aka Lucy's Mommy) said...

Hmmm, tasty!

I wonder if Oliver would like pureed yams? Or Gerber puffs?