Friday, November 14, 2008

Going... Going... Gone!

After writing the last post in which I mentioned that I'd gotten a haircut, I received a flurry of emails. "How short is your hair?" "Did you cut it ALL off?" "Does Vince like it?" The answers to those questions are, "Pretty damn short," "Yes," and "Does it matter?" Actually, it does matter, but right now, it matters more that I save fifteen minutes every day by having short hair. Still, I feel slightly guilty that my new coif looks nothing like the shiny mane I used to first lure him in. Ok, it wasn't the shiny mane that did it. It was my winning personality, quick wit, and gentle nature. HA!

When Vince and I first started dating, I had long hair. Ridiculously long hair. It was so long that I could tuck it into my pants. It was so long that it got caught in the car door if I closed it too quickly. It was so long that I'd wake myself up at night by rolling over on to it. It was so long that yo mama went to the movies and sat next to everyone. You get the picture. Vince loved my hair, I loved Vince, so the hair got to stay. For a while.
A couple of months passed, and I developed a theory that Vince might love me for more than my hair. To test this theory, I decided to cut off about half of it. I still had plenty left. In fact, I used some of it to tie all these old clothes into bales after this failed yard sale.

My theory proved correct, because Vince proposed to me not too long after that yard sale. I decided to throw the guy a bone and grow my hair out for the wedding.

The week we returned from our honeymoon, however, I made the bold decision to test our love by cutting my hair drastically. The man had married me, so I was safe now! Muahahaha!! And as the vows went, "through richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, for long or for short."

Fast forward one year later: I'm standing in the middle of my home with a baby crawling up my legs, a pug shedding all over the floor, spit-up on my shirt, clutter up to my ears, a sinkful of dirty dishes, three baskets of laundry to fold, and no time to even finish my coffee. I made the decision then and there to simplify my life and chop off the rest of my hair.

It's great! I just wake up in the morning, comb some water through it, and that's it! And the best part is that I'm pretty sure Vince still digs me even though we have practically the same haircut. Ain't love grand?

Now excuse me while I go finish my coffee.


Catherine (aka Lucy's Mommy) said...

You look great no matter what length your hair!

You're one hot mama!

Laura said...

i love the new short hair do!!!! sexy momma.