Friday, December 5, 2008


Now that he is able to cruise around the house, Benjamin's horizons have greatly expanded. Literally. In his pre-cruising, crawling-only life, he was only able to see things that were approximately one foot off of the ground. Now that he can pull himself up and stand upright, he can see things a whole two-and-a-half feet off of the ground! That means that he's able to see over tabletops, over the couch cushions, and out of windows where he can see (cue music) a whole new woooooooorld!

Now that the bottoms of his tender little feet are seeing more action, Benjamin's shoes must serve more than just an aesthetic purpose: they must also protect and support his delicate tooties. The three pairs shown above are the ones he wears most frequently now, and they were all chosen because of their superior design and comfort. Ok, I'll admit that the fuzzy slippers (previously worn by his cousins and generously given to him by his Aunt Adele) are for my enjoyment only.

Even though Benjamin has his pick of his own stylish footwear, he seems to be more drawn to mine. He's especially fond of my Ugg boots, a birthday gift from my husband and a staple of moms in Los Angeles. It seems that if you're an LA mom, these hideous-yet-fashionable boots are de rigeur. My friends laugh at me for wearing them in our warm climate, but I maintain that until they see me tucking Juicy velours into them while zipping up a matching Juicy velour hoodie, I'm beyond ridicule. Now excuse me while I go finish my non-fat, half-caf, soy caramel macchiato.

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Catherine (aka Lucy's Mommy) said...

I have an idea: you ad Lucy wear your Uggs, Benjamin and I will wear our fuzzy slippers and we can all be twins!

I said it was an idea, not a good one!