Monday, December 8, 2008

Male Bonding 2

As Benjamin's gotten older, he seems to have traded in some of his more baby-like traits for those of a boy. Don't get me wrong: he still cries, drools, and poops with the best of 'em. But we're starting to see signs that we have a rambunctious, mischievious little man on our hands. He yells. He destoys things. He likes eating red meat chopped up into tiny, bite-sized pieces. He's becoming a Real Man. And to go along with his budding manliness, Benjamin's developed a posse of pretty close male buds.

There's Nolan, his numero uno partner in crime. Nolan's a little older than B, so he's taught him a thing or two about some of the important things in a man's life like eating solids, and standing up for himself. Well, actually, he's just taught him about standing up. Period.
Then there's Luc, Benjamin's Friday afternoon class buddy. They're a bit closer in age, and they have a great time hanging out. Literally.

And recently, Benjamin made a new guy friend, Brayden. They enjoy looking cool together on the playground.

Even though he has all these great guys to hang out with, Benjamin's favorite bud is still Vince. Maybe it's because Daddy has the most to teach him. He's able to show him how to fearlessly go down a slide, how to bounce on a teeter-totter, and how to ride atop his shoulders to get a better view of the world.
Maybe Benjamin's old man will even teach him how to pee standing up. That'll be the day!

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Catherine (aka Lucy's Mommy) said...

Oh no! Does this mean Benjamin won't want to hang with Lucy anymore?