Saturday, January 3, 2009

It Takes Talent

In an effort to streamline operations in my kitchen, I purchased a fancy soap dispenser yesterday. A normal bottle of dish detergent requires that I pick up said bottle, flip open the cap, invert the bottle, squeeze it, place it back on the counter, and then replace the cap. With the new soap dispenser, all I do is press the top and VOILA!- I'd have dish detergent in a flash. I reckoned that this would save me precious milliseconds at the sink.

Unfortunately, the dispenser I purchased had a faulty dispenser mechanism thingy. Instead of getting back in my car and driving back to the store to exchange the dispenser, I decided that I would save myself precious minutes by fixing it at home. And to save myself precious seconds walking to the toolbox to get a pair of pliers, I decided to use a butter knife to pry open the plastic hinge on the dispenser top. Did I mention that the dispenser was as slippery as a greased pig since I'd already filled it with soap? Yeeeeah, not my smartest moment. So instead of opening up the plastic hinge, the knife slipped and opened up a cut on my thumb, which required two stitches to close up, and that took up two precious hours of my time.

On the bright side, I was able to use part of those two hours to finish a chapter in the book I'm reading. Guess I should attempt household repairs with slippery knives more often.


Debbie Kee said...

AY YAH!! LILS!!! We leave you for one week, and look what happens! You silly girl! No worries - we'll be back to kiss your owwee all better! Happy New Year - see you next week!!!

Catherine (aka Lucy's Mommy) said...

ouch! That looks painful but at least you got some reading done (I'm jealous).