Monday, March 9, 2009

Creature of Habit 5

It's a little-known fact that pregnancy can mess with your eyesight. I'm not sure exactly how this happens, but it has something to do with the liquid composition of the vitreous fluid, the goop inside your eyeballs. Usually, your eyesight self-corrects after pregnancy, but for a select few, it stays the same. I'm one of those lucky few. So now, along with my waistline and my feet, the size and shape of my eyeballs have been irrevocably altered. Thanks, Benjamin.

The upside of worsening eyesight is that you get to choose new glasses. If there is one thing that I dig, it's glasses. Before I gave birth to Mr. Grabby Hands, I used to wear glasses all the time. I loooove glasses. They're like clothes for your face! So it was with glee that I took a trip to the local optomologist last week. Before I unveil my newest face outfit, however, let's take a trip down my Memory Lane of Myopia...

This pair above are my current glasses. After about ten years of daily use and abuse, they're about to fall apart, but I love them so much that I just keep getting the lenses switched out.

This pair of glasses are my reading/computer glasses. I got them after my pregnancy when I found that I was having difficulty focusing on text. NO I DO NOT NEED BIFOCALS. Ok, maybe I do.

Now it's time for me to unveil my newest face outfit:

Ta-da! These are my new glasses! Aren't they cute? Not only are they cute, but they feature bendy legs that can withstand a reasonable degree of manipulation by chubby, grubby hands.

Now, I know what you're thinking: Gosh, Lily, those glasses all look alike. I'll admit that there is a slight resemblance among all three pairs. But first, let's look at them together:

When you see them side-by-side like this, you can see that each pair is distinctively different. Right?

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