Monday, April 20, 2009

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree

When I first found out I was pregnant with Benjamin, I used to daydream about what traits he'd inherit. I was hoping he's get Vince's calm temperament, analytical abilities, and resourcefulness, but not his long list of food aversions. From me, I was hoping he'd inherit a love for singing and the arts, but not neurotic need for constant order. So far, it seems like he is mellow like Vince, but with a loud voice like mine, AND he likes to eat carrots, which is one of the many foods on Vince's "Will Not Eat" list. Benjamin also seems to be developing into something of an artist, too. So far so good!

At class on Friday, the kids got a chance to try painting. I use the term "painting" very loosely, because it wasn't actual paint that they were using; it was chocolate and vanilla pudding.

At first, Benjamin obliged me by using his paintbrush to dutifully smear the pudding onto his paper.

Before long, however, he realized that his paint was actually a delicious dessert, and he started using his paintbrush as an eating utensil.

After a few minutes, he ditched the brush and just used his hand to scoop chocolate pudding into his mouth. I suppose that that would be Vince's resourcefulness coming through in him.

Choking back laughter, I told Benjamin that he was making a mess, at which point, he stopped using his hands and resumed eating with his paintbrush again. Perhaps he thought that his messiness could be overlooked if he were using an eating utensil like a civilized individual!

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