Friday, May 15, 2009

Isn't it Bro-mantic 2

In the months since their bromance began, it's become more and more apparent that Vince and neighbor Shawn have much in common. They both enjoy living in Playa Vista. They're both really good at math. They're both devoted fathers. They're both married to ravishingly beautiful, sexy, and intelligent women. And they both enjoy playing Xbox Live. Lots and lots and LOTS of Xbox Live. At night after the Boo has gone to bed, I relax to the tranquil soundtrack of Vince and Shawn's gameplaying. "Help me! I'm dying!" "I lost my meat shield!" "AAAAAAHHHH, DIE, #$%*@#!!!!!!" Yes, it's great. Juuuuuust great. Well, it looks like soon I may be listening to a soundtrack of a different kind.

The other night we were hanging out with our neighbors Justine and David. We'd just finished Justine's delicious home-cooked dinner when David busted out the karaoke machine. Now, if you know Vince, you know that he dislikes singing. He detests listening to it, he hates doing it himself, and I believe that he'd rather swallow his own tongue than be forced to endure karaoke. But as you can see from this clip, Shawn doesn't quite feel the same way.

Did you see that look of disgust on Vince's face? That dismissive headshake? I have to admit that at that moment, I feared for the safety of their friendship. I just wasn't sure if their Xbox bond was strong enough to transcend Vince's karaokephobia.

But then this happened:

I could hardly believe it. Vince? Singing? Vince?!? I tried not to get too excited. After all, it appeared that Shawn was doing most of the singing and Vince was mainly just humouring him. But then this happened:

Ok, now there's no denying that Vince was not only singing, but enjoying himself in the process! I guess that's the mark of a true friendship: the ability of one friend to encourage the other to leave his comfort zone and try things that he otherwise would never have tried before.

Now if only Shawn could get Vince to start eating onions...

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