Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mom's Day 2009

During Mother's Day last year, I was kind of a mess. Benjamin was just a few months old and sleeping only 90-minute stretches at night. When he wasn't sleeping, he was nursing - sometimes upwards of ten times a day. I was grappling with postpartum depression and trying to come to grips with my new life. Thankfully, the medication was really starting to kick-- I mean, I was really starting to enjoy motherhood. This year, much as changed. Benjamin is now sleeping four to six-hour stretches at night, and since I'm only nursing once a day now, any depression that I feel can be chased away with a glass or three of wine. Life is good. Motherhood officially rocks.

A sweet card, lovely earrings, and a rose from my boys awaited me on Mother's Day. Auntie Poppins (AKA Deb) brought me those gorgeous calla lilies the night before.

Benjamin and Vince got the day started by surprising me with flowers, a sweet card, and a lovely pair of earrings bearing their birthstone. The card brought me to tears. I was touched by how heartfelt it was, and also by how similar Benjamin's handwriting is to Vince's.

The Mother's Day surprises continued with a home-cooked pancake breakfast. Did you know that pancake batter is available in an aerosol can? Yup! What will they think of next? Odd packaging notwithstanding, the pancakes were delicious.
The biggest surprise came in the afternoon when an excited, almost giggly Vince drove us to Fisherman's Wharf. We were going on champagne brunch cruise around the marina! And if that wasn't enough of a surprise, Shawn, Julie, and Nolan were coming, too! It doesn't get much better than that - good company, good food, and free-flowing booze.

If my Mother's Day was nice, then Julie's was twice as nice, because she had not one, but two little boys clamouring for her attention - her own son AND mine. A few weeks ago, Benjamin began showing an intense affection for his Auntie Julie. Sometimes he'd reach for her even while I was holding him! He'd be in my arms, he'd spot Julie, and then he'd arch his back and grab for her until she took him, sometimes actively pushing off of me in the process. You can imagine how that made me feel - absolutely delighted to have found a new babysitter! Thanks, Julie!

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