Monday, June 8, 2009

Lileeloo Designs

My original reason for learning how to sew was to advance my Boo Beastie empire. In the process, I learned my way around a fabric store. I'd go in for just notions, but pass by bolts and bolts of fabric. They called out to me with their textures and colors, so I'd pause to finger a swatch of delicate silk or examine an interesting print. One day as I was draping a gorgeous green swath of of jersey knit Tencel over my arm, I thought to myself, "This would make a fabulous dress." And that's how my newest project was born.
Photo credit: Brian Bobila

I suppose it was only a matter of time before I started making clothes. After all, I've always loved fashion. Some of my style choices have been less than successful. The time I paired a ruched ballroom skirt with a ratty green t-shirt jumps to mind. Then there are my go-to outfits that are in such heavy rotation I can no longer tell if they look good or bad. For example, my "uniform" of t-shirt, hat, and skinny jeans tucked into boots - what my hubby refers to as "that pirate outfit." Either way, fashion has always been my passion (ugh - did I really just say that?), and thus, no one was really surprised when I started Lileeloo Designs.

I decided to call my new line "Lileeloo" as an homage to my maiden name. My first piece, crafted from the aforementioned green Tencel, was a convertible dress and shirt that I christened the Trip Top. Soon, scarves, purses, wraps, and more shirts followed, all of them versatile pieces constructed from lightweight, stretchy fabrics in a mostly neutral palette. My aim is to fill a void in the current fashion market - and also to reduce our living room to a heap of half-finished patterns and stretchy, neutral fabric scraps on a daily basis. Perhaps my next project should be to design myself a sewing space.

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