Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Daily Boo

Almost a year ago, I developed a substance abuse problem. No, it wasn't booze, pills, or anything like that. I became a Crack(berry) addict - one of those insufferably tech-frenzied morons incapable of going more than five minutes without frantically pecking away at her smartphone device. In order to offset the irritation that my new addiction may have caused to those around me, I began using my Blackberry to snap and send pictures of a certain chubby someone to my closest friends and family.

The very first "Daily Boo."
In the beginning, there were only a few regular recipients of what came to be called the "Daily Boo" email. They included a few close girlfriends, Vince, and my parents. Now, the regular mailing list has grown to include about twice the original number of recipients, but they all have something in common: they're obsessed with The Boo. Ok, I'm exaggerating... They're not all obsessed with Benjamin - though a few of them are (you know who you are, Auntie Yvonne and Auntie Debbie!) - but they do enjoy getting a regular dose of adorable chubbiness in their email inboxes.
There's no rhyme or reason to what kind of picture gets sent out as the Daily Boo. It can be any picture of Benjamin taken with my Blackberry. Over the past year, however, I've several recurring themes have emerged. For example, there are many Daily Boo pictures that feature Benjamin and Daddy:
On rare occasions, Mommy will make appearance in the Daily Boo, too.
The Backseat Pug is a frequent guest star in the Daily Boo... is Benjamin's partner-in-crime, Nolan.
Since I believe in keeping it real, sometimes I'll send out pictures of Benjamin in his not-so-charming moments. These pictures are referred to as the "Daily Boo-Hoo":

And these pictures I call the "Daily Poo":

Like I said, I keep it real.
There are certain Daily Boo picture that crack me up every single time I see them:
And then there are the Daily Boo's that just make me scratch my head and go "Huh??"

Sometimes the Daily Boo isn't really a Daily Boo, but a Nightly Boo:

But one type of Daily Boo is my absolute favorite. No matter how tired or cranky I am, every time I see one of these Daily Boo's, a smile spreads across my face, my spirits lift, and my heart swells up.
Seeing that precious smile makes all the Daily Boo-Hoo's, sleepless Nightly Boo's, Daily Poo's, and Daily What-Have-You's just melt away. It fills me with indescribable joy and makes me unbelievably grateful just to be with my Boo. Daily.

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