Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tiny Dancer Tosses His Cookies... Literally!

Last Saturday was the first open-air concert of the summer in the park, and the entire neighborhood turned out in force to soak in the music and the sun. We were no exception, and we turned the concert into a chance to do a few of our favorite things - hang out with friends, gorge ourselves on fine food, and drink alcohol out of sippy cups.

We enjoy every outdoor concert the neighborhood organizes, but this one was especially nice because my mom was in town to enjoy it with us. She'd flown in from China a few days prior, and even though she was still jetlagged, she joined us in the park, where Benjamin did his best to keep her energy levels up.

Did you notice how he started rocking out at precisely the moment the vocals kicked in? I smell a Tony in his future!

Anjali, Berry, and Benjamin pow-wow; Anya shows her her most charming smile; and Benjamin and Nolan play ball with Vince.

While the grown-ups were busy chatting, the kids were partying it up on their own. I actually think that Benjamin may have had too much (milk) to drink.

I could hardly believe my eyes! First I catch him dancing maniacally - all by himself. Then, he (literally) tosses his cookies. And finally, he stops dancing only to blatantly ogle a pretty girl!

Hmmm... Maybe there's no Tony in his future, after all.

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