Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Floor Exercises

Fatigue is very common in pregnancy. During my last pregnancy, I was so tired that I found myself falling asleep in work meetings or nodding off while typing emails. Fortunately, my former boss Cathy was very understanding and always willing to let me slip out for a break when I needed it. Unfortunately, my current boss Benjamin is not quite as understanding. He doesn't let me take breaks, and if I try to slip away, he'll follow me hollering and pounding down the door. As such, I've learned to take my breaks right there in the room with him - by just plopping down flat on the floor.
At first, all proceeds as usual with Benjamin amusing around the house, hardly aware that Mommy is sprawled out like a beached whale on the living room rug.
He contentedly plays in his playroom for a while before moving on to investigate the entryway and kitchen. And that's when he notices me.
A-HA! He looks all too pleased to have found me, and what's more, to discover that, for once, he's taller than I am. What better way to exercise his newfound vertical superiority than to...

...Sit on my head. A few moments later, Oliver joins him on the Mommy Couch, too.

Before long, Benjamin is bored with just sitting on me and takes off to stir up mischief elsewhere.

The mischief he stirs up involves getting himself stuck inside Oliver's toy basket, which requires that I abruptly end my break to rescue him.

Oh, well. It was nice while it lasted!

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Yvonne said...

Ooooooookay. This is my favorite. BEST BLOG POST EVER.