Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Sound of Boo-sic

I don't really like for Benjamin to watch much television, but I can't resist letting him watch "Dora the Explorer" and therefore letting me watch the mini-songfest that ensues.

Is it just me, or did he sing that on key? Do I see Mommy-Boo duets and Sound of Music singalongs in our future? I think Vince is in trouble!

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's (Definitely) A Girl!

As mentioned in a previous post, we were told that I was pregnant with a girl. However, the ultrasound technician who had made that call had done so very early in my pregnancy (at 11 weeks and 2 days to be precise), we always had a certain degree of skepticism. Well, now we are skeptics no more - a few weeks ago at my structure check (AKA the 20-week ultrasound), both the technician and the OB confirmed that I was, indeed, pregnant with little girl.

Up until that point, whenever I'd asked the Boo who was in my belly, he'd say "baby." Cute, but vague. We wasted no time in teaching him how to say that it wasn't just any baby, but a baby sister that was in there.

You may have noticed that what came out of his mouth didn't sound anything like "baby sister." That's because what he said was "mei mei," which means "little sister" in Chinese. "Mei mei" also has half the number of syllables, making it 50% easier to say than "little sister." In any case, Benjamin seemed very happy to hear this news. A baby brother might try to steal his toy trains or beat up on him. A baby sister, on the other hand, might bring a different crop of new and exciting toys into the mix, not to mention some cute friends!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Potty Time + Newfound Ability to Somersault + Toddler Attention Span Equals...

...Hysterical, Side-Splitting, Tear-Inducing Laughter + A Big Ol' Mess to Clean Up.
It's hard to say which was bigger: the mess created by Benjamin's failed attempt to somersault off of his potty or the comic relief it created. Probably the latter!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Boo-Pong, or Creatures of Habit 8

As you may have heard in the news, Georgia has recently been hit by massive flooding. Unfortunately, my parents' home in Georgia was in one of the flood areas. Fortunately, no one was living there at the time. Unfortunately, they live in China, so they had to rush back to do damage control. Fortunately, their flight has a layover at LAX, which means that VERY fortunately,that they get to visit their favorite little man.

As always, Hao Gong and Hao Po were overjoyed to see their grandson. They smothered him with hugs and kisses, their jetlag and weariness from the long flight forgotten.

But soon enough, a familiar pattern of behavior emerged, a sport that I like to call "Boo-Pong." As soon as one of them is holding the Boo, the other get anxious and wants to hold him, too. The result is a rapid back-and-forth. Think of my parents as ping pong players and the Boo as-- Well, you get it.
Since the purpose of this Stateside trip was to tend to their flooded house in Georgia, they were only able to stay for a single night. Thankfully, their return trip to China would bring them back through LA, so we would see them again soon and they would get to continue their game of Boo-Pong.

A week later, they returned and the game was on once again. Hao Gong treated the Boo to a croissant at Coffee Bean. Hao Po helped the Boo go down the slide at the tot lot. Hao Gong held the Boo's little hand while they walked around the neighborhood.

That evening, Hao Gong scored the Boo for some one-one-one reading time.

But then Hao Po lured the Boo away with the scrumptious aromas emanating from her cooking. Later, the Boo showed his appreciation for the fine meal she'd prepared:

After dinner, my parents bid Benjamin a sad farewell before boarding their long flight back to Asia. It's hard to say who won this trip's game of Boo-Pong, but it doesn't really matter.
A good time was had by all, especially the Boo!

You might be thinking at this point, "Wait, a minute... Didn't they forget something? Something soft? Something white? Something Charmin-y?" The answer is "No, of course not!" On their first stopover in LA before continuing on to Georgia, they left behind this:

Can you guess what their instructions were?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"I'm Not an Ambi-turner."

Benjamin shows off his dance moves while stopping to strategically strike poses, bringing to mind his Boolander days. And, just like his male modeling icon, it's apparent from this video that he's not an ambi-turner.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Benjamin: My Own Prenatal Exercise Program

Remember how I was complaining a month or so ago that my belly was growing faster during this pregnancy than it did during my last one? Well, I may have spoken too soon, because it seems like the blossoming of my bump has taken a breather. A visit to my OB confirmed my weight gain has slowed, but not for want of trying. As my hubby, my friends, or my Boo will attest, I've developed a near-uncontrollable craving for McDonald's. In a typical week, I'll inhale a Sausage McMuffin with Egg Combo at least two or three times. Or, if it's after 10:30 am, I'll have the Two Cheeseburger Combo instead. Oh, man, the very mention of those gastronomical goodies is making me salivate and reach for my car keys. But I won't. I may be unable to stop myself from swinging through a drive-through when I'm already on the road, but I won't allow myself to leave home to make a special trip just to get Mickey D's. Not yet, anyway. With four months of pregnancy left, anything is possible!
So in what crazy, upside-down world does pigging out on fast food not equal blowing up like a whale? In a crazy, upside-down world where you have to take care of one of these:
The Boo definitely keeps me on my toes. In fact, I've noticed that many women going through pregnancy with a toddler in tow seem to remain fairly un-pregnant-looking in all areas other than the tummy area. But I'm not going to kid myself here - at the end of my last pregnancy, I puffed up to the point where Vince felt the need to point out that my feet looked like Fiona's. You know, Fiona, right? She's Shrek's wife.

Although Benjamin's been trying his toddler best to drive me insane, I've been fortunate enough to get help from others. My amazing best friend Deb has, true to Deb form, been over to run Boo interference so I can get things done. My thoughtful father- and mother-in-law have also come by to hang out with their little grandson. Benjamin gets a fun visit, I get a much-needed break, and the Boo-watchers get so completely worn out that they sleep really well that night. Everyone wins!!
An additional diversion has come in the form of our Emerson Mommy and Me class, which had been on hiatus for the summer break. It's a nice chance for me to sit and chat with other moms (many of whom are pregnant with their second kids) going through the same trying toddler times that I am, while Benjamin works out all that extra energy on the playground. Here, you can see him hanging out with two of his best gals, Kayla and Presley.

Since the kids are older now, they get to engaged in some more intellectual activities such as storytime.

Their creative sides are also nurtured during arts and crafts.

But boys will be boys, and Benjamin's favorite part of class remains the part where he gets to play in the sandbox and get himself thoroughly filthy. And because it seems that sandbox sand was specifically engineered to adhere to sticky, sweaty little toddler feet...

...My lovely floors get to get all filthy, too. But luckily, the Boo is learning to clean up after himself.

There's hope yet!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Finally, a conversation between these two that we can understand!