Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Part 3

After two weeks of pre-parties and pumpkin patches, the day had finally arrived: Halloween was here! We started off our evening by visiting Vince's mom, sisters Leslie and Adele (pictured above right), and nephews Obi Wan Kenobi (AKA Ryan) and Superman (AKA Tyler).
Thank you, Holly, for supplying the photo of the Chan Clan!

After a brief visit, we returned to go trick-or-treating with neighbors. Some of the characters we encountered were a ladybug (Berry), a witch and a teddy bear (Aneta and Michalis), two Little Red Riding Hoods and a very scary Granny Wolf (Holly, Rusty, and Isabel), and a mummy (Nolan - duh!).
. The concept of trick-or-treating seemed to elude the Boo at first. He hung back with Daddy and warily watched the other kids take candy from strangers. After the first half hour, though, he grew tired of watching from the stands and jumped right into the action. Thankfully, we'd tricked him into thinking that part of the fun was bringing each treat back to Mommy for safekeeping - and out of the mouth of a young toddler who'd otherwise be up all night on a sugar high. In the process, however, he'd forget where he'd been, and - after depositing the candy into my hands - would often turn right back around and return to the person from whom he'd just trick-or-treated. The result was lots of loot:

There was actually much more candy than what you see pictured above, but somebody ate it all...

Thank you, Grace, for this fantastic pic of Monica, Julie, me, and my bump!
Hope everyone had a rockin' Halloween!

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linkergirl said...

You guys are the coolest couple on the block. I loved your costumes and theme! Loved the pics of Berry in this post. I wish we could just freeze this age. Thanks Lily!