Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nolan Turns TWO!

A few weeks ago, Benjamin's BFF Nolan turned two. His parents marked the occasion by throwing him a party in the toddler playground at the end of the block. To add a festive touch, Julie decked out the park with helium-filled balloons, colorful beach balls, and cute party favors. And let's not forget the cake! Julie and Shawn's friend Liz, an up-and-coming pastry chef, created the adorable concotion you see above. It's a single cake made up of several dozen separate cupcakes. They were so delicious that I had to have two - plus another one filched from Julie's stash of leftovers the next day! Of course, I've already booked Liz to make a cake for Benjamin's birthday even though it's more than three months away. If you're interested in having Liz design and bake a cupcake cake for you, too, feel free to email her! If you'd prefer something a little more amphibious, take a look at this other cake that was also baked for Nolan's party:

This froggy cake was baked by Liz's boyfriend Tom. Sure, it may no be as... er.... polished as Liz's cake, but you've got to give the guy props for trying. Evidence of his hard work can be seen in the bristles of the pastry brush that were left behind in the fondant.

Nolan's neighborhood buddies turned out in force to shower him with happy birthday wishes. Among them was, of course, the Boo.

It was heartwarming to watch the two little friends celebrate together. They spent a fair bit of time just horsing around like regular toddlers, and then Nolan's emotions got the best of him. He suddenly felt compelled to envelope his best friend in a big bear hug...

...and another...

...and another and another and another!
To get a true understanding of the ferocity of Nolan's hug, you have to watch it in action:

And if the Boo seems reluctant to return the favor, he needs to realize that Nolan isn't always so generous with his hugs!

Happy Birthday, Nolan!

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Debbie Kee said...

Oh Gawd. I'm actually crying.