Monday, December 21, 2009

Scary Old Saint Nick Part 2

Last week, my friend Heather was having a few moms and tots over to her place to meet with a friendly Santa she knew. Like any parent swept up in holiday cheer, I wanted a picture of Benjamin sitting happily on Santa's lap. Well, at this point, I would have settled for just plain sitting. Despite having had two failed attempts at capturing this Hallmark moment, I figured the third time would be the charm.
Boy, was I wrong! Benjamin's reaction to Santa was even more instant than the last two times. As soon as he entered, Benjamin ran screaming to me...
...and took refuge in his new favorite hiding place under my belly.
And it didn't get any better over time. Just as soon he would start to calm down, he'd spot Santa and start bawling again.
Unfortunately, there were three witnesses to his theatrics - Pedro, Claire, and Adelyn. Judging from the looks on their faces, one can only imagine what they were thinking.

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Liliana Monge said...

Lily, I love your blog, your writing is witty and highly entertaining. You can take a bit of solace in knowing Pedro wasnt too fond of the big guy in the red suite either, luckily for me, and him, a little sugar calmed him down.
Have a great Xmas with your familia.