Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Benjamin's Outhouse

I recently ordered a new baby bathtub for our unborn daughter. When it arrived, it was packaged in a ginormous cardboard box. Never one to let anything go to waste, I turned it over to Benjamin to play with. I figured that a box that size would make a fine fort, truck, or cave for the Boo. The Boo, however, had different designs for his new toy.
I watched in amusement as he removed the paper packing material from inside the box, stood the box on its end, and placed his little yellow potty inside. He then went to his potty, pulled his underpants down, and proceeded to, um... christen his new outhouse.
Business finished, he stood up, pulled his pants back up, and went back to his playroom to continue about his afternoon. Thankfully, the deposit he had left in his potty was not of the variety that required a roll of TP and a brisk wiping!

1 comment:

Nessie said...

that is amazing! the lil dude just wanted a bathroom all to himself. good for him!